Automation Service Agreement

Thank you for choosing our automation services.

The details outlined below are designed to set clear expectations, prevent any misunderstandings and help us work smoothly together.

Please take the time to read through these terms carefully.
Don’t hesitate to reach out at for any further clarifications.
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Pricing and delivery time estimates are driven from the expected workload, which is in turn driven from the complexity of processes that require automation.

For example: implementing a Customer Relationship Management system may or may not include handling:

  1. New leads sales processes
  2. Automated client billing
  3. Whatsapp / Email scheduled messages
  4. Automated meetings booking
  5. And so on…


Some projects are easier than others to estimate, and for those we will provide a fixed cost estimate.

Through years of experience delivering automation projects we are usually able to get a good sense of the expected overload, and give a realistic estimate. However, please note that with automation there are always surprises, and so actual cost and delivery time may differ depending on the actual work done.

Fixed cost projects will always be accompanied with an hour limit, after which an additional bank of hours will have to be purchased in order to complete the project.


For some projects only a very rough estimation is possible, for which working against a purchased hours package is more suitable. Hours package prices are listed in the following link.

While working on an hours bank project the actual hours worked will be tracked using a time tracking software, and will be available to the client at all times.

In cases where actual work differs from estimates:

  • If the work takes longer, an additional purchase of hours will be required. 
  • If the work takes less time than estimated, the remaining hours can be used for up to 6 months from the purchase date.


Mini project is defined as a specific automation / integration work request that’s estimated between 1-5 hours of work. A mini project is priced at a uniform rate listed on our services page.


  • Connecting CRM to autoresponder.
  • Fixing an issue with an existing automated process.
  • Assistance in setting up an Airtable account.

In Mini Projects your payment primarily covers our expertise and the guarantee we provide, hence actual time tracking is less significant.


The following flow is typical for most project types

  1. Requirement gathering: A Zoom call or a series of calls where we will go over your requirements, map out any 3rd party services required, go over the main processes, and conceptualize a high level architecture of the automated solution. At this point we might require access to some or all of the 3rd party systems involved.

    During this stage we’ll do our best to identify and communicate to the client any further inputs that would be required of them during the process, such as: email messages copy; contracts and agreements; and so on.

    The call will be scheduled within a range of 7 business days from the first payment.

  2. System design: with the info provided to us we will conceptualize a detailed architecture of the system to be implemented. Typically a diagram and / or supporting textual info (lists, tables, etc). The design will be sent to the client for confirmation, and when no more modifications are needed, we will proceed to implementation. Additional requests and additions after this stage will be discussed at a separate pricing.

  3. System setup: at this step we will proceed to implement the system according to our initial design. We will set up the databases and create any 3rd party integrations required. Occasionally we will involve the client to get midterm feedback and make sure we’re still in sync. If any visual designs or texts of various types are required, it is the client’s responsibility to provide them at this point.

  4. Testing: we test the different scenarios in the system to catch and fix any issues before delivery.

  5. Delivery: a Zoom meeting for an interim summary that includes presenting the automation system, training that will serve the team in the future, answering any open questions, and receiving feedback and modification requests that are within scope.

  6. Warranty Period: during this stage the client is responsible to check that everything works to their satisfaction. Problems that arise during this period will be handled and fixed at no additional charge, and any minor modifications you’d like to make to the processes we have built will be done also, as long as it’s in line with the quoted price and the agreed specification.

  7. Post Warranty: It is possible to extend the warranty period on a retainer basis for an additional payment. Reach out to discuss retainer terms separately.



To assist in the success of the process, the client agrees to maintain proper and continuous communication, provide timely responses to our inquiries, and supply any additional information required for executing the process. Delays resulting from waiting for information/access from the client will be deducted from the warranty period.


It is the client’s responsibility to record our online meetings and upload them to an accessible storage location for their future reference. Our experience shows that detailed documentation saves on unnecessary costs of refreshing and learning later on.

It is also the client’s responsibility to save any WhatsApp and email correspondences. Sometimes we will refer to this correspondence as part of the service and guidance.

After delivery is completed, additional training and support, whether via a live online session, screen recording, or textual correspondence, will require the purchase of an hours package.


During the delivery stage, we will thoroughly review the delivered system together, ensuring you and your team understand how to use it effectively. Specifically, we will provide instructions on modifying various parameters that control the system’s functionality and behavior, such as email templates, contract templates, texts, dates, prices, and any other variable information crucial to the system’s operation.

To preserve the warranty, the client and their team are required not to alter the following elements without first consulting us and receiving written approval (via WhatsApp or email):

  • Internal automation within Airtable.
  • Automation configured in Make.
  • Formulas automations within Google Sheets.
  • Any aspect related to the backend server or hosting service upon which it is deployed.
  • Any other automation or integration outlined in the agreement.

Any unauthorized changes to the elements listed above may result in system malfunctions or conflicts that could void your warranty. If you’re uncertain about what can or cannot be modified, please contact us at We’d be happy to clarify.


If technical support or assistance is needed for issues not covered by the scope of this project, it is possible to purchase an hours package through the following link.

Upon expiration of the warranty period, you may continue to receive point services on an hourly basis or opt for a monthly technical support retainer. Please reach out to discuss terms separately.


The payment included in this offer covers the automation and integration of other systems. We assume that the client is already connected, or will connect for the purpose of setting up the automation, to additional services with monthly or annual subscriptions, such as Google Workspace, Bulldog-wp, Make, Xero, Airtable, Morning, etc.

The payment for most systems varies depending on usage.

We are not responsible for payments to these systems, their proper operation, or malfunctions arising from these systems. It is the client’s responsibility to register for these services, make monthly payments, and ensure the payment tier or plan is sufficient to cover the ongoing usage, in order to avoid malfunctions and ensure the smooth operation of the integrations/automation we have delivered.

In some cases, we might choose to use our own accounts to speed up the work (e.g., using our Cloud Hosting account temporarily to save setup time, etc.). The client understands that the cost of using these services is ultimately their responsibility, and will register for their own account upon our request or before the final delivery of the project.

Example of monthly costs for systems (as of 2024):

  • Make (automation software) – the initial subscription cost is $9-11 per month (depending on whether you choose monthly or annual payment) and includes 10,000 monthly actions. The required subscription size depends on the volume of activity. The full price list is available here.

  • Zapier (automation software) – the free subscription includes 100 monthly actions and five active two-step scenarios only. Above this threshold, the initial subscription cost is $19 per month and includes 750 monthly actions and 20 active processes. The required subscription size depends on the volume of activity. The full price list is available here.

  • Airtable (data management) – the subscription cost is $10-20 per month per user. The required subscription size depends on the volume of activity and the number of users. The full price list is available here.

  • Calendly (appointment scheduling) – the free plan does not allow for automation interface, and therefore, the Professional plan must be purchased for $12 per month. The full price list is available here.

  • Pipedrive (CRM system) – the subscription cost is $29 per month per user (costs can be reduced with payment for an annual subscription). The full price list is available here. It is recommended to open a user for each member of the team.

  • Morning (formerly Heshbonit Yeruka), a Popular-level account or higher is required. The subscription cost is 33-39 NIS plus VAT per month (depending on whether you choose monthly or annual payment).

  • Any Google services automation (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Sheets, etc) requires a Google Workspace account. The account cost is $6 per month per user, and allows for sending emails from a registered address on a business domain (such as Personal (free) google accounts automation is not possible.

  • An SMS package must be purchased from a provider with an API interface (for example, Textme, InforuMobile, 019).

  • To implement automations in WhatsApp, the Bulldog-WP system must be used (note: the system does not operate on the official WhatsApp API and careful operation is necessary to avoid account blocking). The basic subscription cost is $29 per month. The full price list is available here.

  • We recommend using Smoove as an email system. The subscription cost depends on the number of contacts and the required amount of mailings. The full price list is available here.

  • Fillout (forms system) – the subscription cost is $15-19 per month, depending on the number of forms submitted per month. The full price list is available here.

Note: The terms of use and payment for these systems are subject to change over time.

Important: If you contact us to resolve a malfunction within the service’s warranty period and it turns out the issue is due to disconnection of one of the systems because of non-payment, exceeding the plan, or any other reason within the client’s responsibility, resulting in us needing to perform a check and reactivate the automation, the inquiry will be charged at $100, even during the warranty period.



Payment is divided into two parts: a 50% down payment required before the requirements session, and the remaining 50% due at the delivery session. If a fixed cost estimate is specified in this document or communicated through any other means, it remains valid for 14 days from the date it is issued.


An hours package must be purchased before any work can commence. To ensure uninterrupted service, an active hours package with a sufficient balance must be maintained at all times. Unless otherwise specified, hours packages must be used within 3 months of their purchase date.

In certain scenarios, payment for hours worked may occur after the completion of tasks. In these instances, we will issue an invoice for the hours worked, accompanied by a summary of tasks performed and the hours dedicated to each task.

Payment made against such an invoice signifies the client’s acknowledgment and satisfaction with the work completed. It is understood that the payment covers the time spent on the project, and the client waives the right to future claims regarding these payments. Specifically, invoices paid for hours worked are not subject to refunds.


Mini project is defined as a specific automation / integration work request that’s estimated between 1-5 hours of work. A mini project is priced at a uniform rate listed on our services page. Payment must be made in full before work begins.

Payments can be made via:

  • Credit card
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer (US)

Proof of ownership of the account will be provided upon request.


Invoices are typically issued on the 1st of each month. To maintain continuous service, we urge prompt payment upon invoice receipt. We reserve the right to suspend all work until payments are received in full.

If an invoice remains unpaid 14 days after its issue date, this will lead to contract termination and project suspension.

For projects with a fixed cost estimate, refunds are available for the 50% down payment made before work begins. However, any hours already worked will be deducted from the refundable amount at a rate of $100 per hour.

Payments for work performed under an Hours Package or Mini Project arrangement are non-refundable under any circumstances. In such cases, the client pays for the time invested in the task, and payment is considered confirmation of the client’s satisfaction with the work. The client agrees to waive any future claims. Specifically, clients agree not to initiate disputes, refund requests, chargebacks, or any other formal action against invoices paid for hours worked.

Should any disagreements arise, we strongly encourage direct contact with us to discuss and seek resolution before proceeding with any further actions.



The offer includes a warranty period of 3 months from the completion of the work, unless a different warranty period is explicitly stated. This timeframe is provided for you to ensure that everything is operating as expected.

This warranty covers all processes developed under this agreement but excludes malfunctions that stem from the systems themselves (e.g., Make, multi-message, Google, WhatsApp, Bulldog, Zapier). While we recommend systems based on their past performance and reliability, we cannot guarantee their future operation or stability, nor do we represent these platforms.

Any issues identified during this period will be addressed promptly and without additional charge, provided they align with the quoted price and the specifications agreed upon.

Issues must be reported via client request form only, and not via Email / WhatsApp or any other form of communication. Any issue reported will be handled as swiftly as possible, aiming for resolution no later than two weeks from the date of report. 

Issues reported after the warranty period has expired will be quoted and billed separately. Issues that require repairs outside the scope of the agreed upon project will be quoted and billed separately as well.

If a malfunction is found to result from external systems we will guide the client to the appropriate support service or that system. However, if the issue arises from client misconduct or neglect, such as system disconnections due to non-payment, a service charge of $100 will apply, even within the warranty period. 

Should the client, or their representative, modify or extend the automation without authorization, or if alterations are made by another professional, the warranty becomes void. Any subsequent inspections or repairs will incur additional charges.


We, Barak Almog and his representatives, are not liable for indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of income, profits, data, or time. Liability is capped at the total payment made under this agreement in the six months preceding any claim.

The client assumes all responsibility for damages arising from the use of delivered systems. By entering this agreement, you agree not to hold us accountable for any resulting issues or damages. Any legal claims against our company related to the use of these systems are waived upon acceptance of this agreement. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team at


Throughout the course of the project, there may be times when the client wishes to add new automations or functions not originally outlined in this agreement. Likewise, we might suggest additional services that could enhance the project’s outcome.

To ensure the project remains on track with our agreed timeline and work sequence, we will prioritize completing the processes specified in our initial agreement. Once these are in place, we can evaluate any additional requests or enhancements during the summary meeting or an interim meeting before the run-in period begins. These additions can then be addressed with separate pricing or by arranging for the purchase of an additional hours package.


All intellectual property rights related to the automation project, including but not limited to source code, databases, functionality, software, designs, audio, video, text, photographs, graphics, as well as any trademarks, service marks, and logos incorporated into the project, remain under the ownership specified by the agreement.

By agreeing to this contract, you acknowledge that components or the entirety of the delivered system may be utilized in projects for other clients. This practice of sharing developed assets among clients enables us to maintain competitive pricing in relation to the typically required scope of work.

Should you object to this clause, the agreement is considered void, necessitating a renegotiation of prices and terms. By accepting this agreement, you waive any future claims regarding the exclusivity of the developed systems.


Under this agreement, you are entitled to request the source code for the backend service we have developed for you. This code integrates with third-party external services utilized in the system and orchestrates the automation processes. We will deliver the source code to you only after the completion of the work and once any outstanding payments have been settled in full.

Receiving the source code will be considered as your acknowledgment that the work has been completed to your full satisfaction. Additionally, the transfer of source code to you will immediately and indefinitely void the warranty provided under this agreement, and will relieve us of any obligations of further support.

Source code, if requested, will be provided ‘as is’ without any warranty, express or implied, regarding its functionality, performance, or suitability for any particular purpose. The client assumes all responsibility for testing, maintenance, and further development of the source code. Delivery of the source code does not transfer any rights to intellectual property contained within it, except for the use, modification, and maintenance of the system for which it was developed.


We guarantee that any confidential information pertaining to your business operations will be treated with the highest level of care and will not be disclosed, either deliberately or accidentally, to any third party without your explicit consent.

For engagements that include a retainer for monitoring/maintenance, we will retain permanent access to these systems to swiftly address and resolve any arising needs. It should be noted that revoking our access is considered equivalent to terminating my warranty coverage on the systems as stipulated in this agreement.

The client agrees not to directly or indirectly engage my service providers who have participated in the project/services outlined in this offer, during the tenure of this agreement and for a period of 12 months following its conclusion.

All outputs, including but not limited to codes, documents, and strategies, are deemed commercially confidential and are exclusively for the use of the client who enters this agreement. These outputs may not be transferred, disclosed, or displayed to any third party.

This agreement is considered approved upon receipt of the recipient’s signature below, or through written approval and the initiation of work as described herein.

Agreement approval will be made by the recipient’s signature below and / or by approving the contract in writing and commencement of work

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